Please CLICK HERE to view our latest policies regarding COVID 19

As a participant in CLAP classes, you agree to the below rules and guidelines:


I make every effort to keep the studio safe. Please tell me if there is anything further you would like me to do. Also, please be aware that for safety reasons we do not encourage moving around with rhythm sticks or sharp instruments. Putting instruments in mouths is a vital part of every child’s development and therefore we do not necessarily discourage this in our classes. No instruments/props will be shared and all instruments will be sanitized after each use. There is tiny Yorkshire Terrier puppy in the house who is not permitted in the studio or entrance area. You may not even notice him, or he might bark like a crazy dog when you first arrive. He will be barricaded away as I know not everyone is comfortable around pets. If there are any allergy concerns please let me know. Please note, Yorkies are a hypoallergenic breed.


If your child or you are sick, please do not attend class. There are many children who attend class who have compromised immune systems, as well as many pregnant women in attendance. Sometimes what seems like “just a little cold” in one child can cause another child to have serious complications. Please stay at home if you or your little one have, in the last 24 hours, had:

⇒ Vomiting
⇒ Diarrhea
⇒ Fever
⇒ Cough
⇒ Contagious or weepy rash
⇒ Green or yellow runny nose
⇒ Pink eye or any contagious eye infection
⇒ Breathing troubles or shortness of breath
⇒ Runny nose not related to seasonal allergies
⇒ Any symptoms of a contagious illness

It is absolutely CRUCIAL that you do not attend class if you or your little is ill. There are some attendees who have the potential to develop life threatening complications if they contract RSV or any other respiratory virus. Please take advantage of the OpenCLAP classes from instead. If there are spaces in other classes, you may be able to make them up when you are healthy, however makeup classes are NOT guaranteed.

** Please note: Your attendance in class is your attestation that no one who lives in your house is showing any signs of contagious illness.

Masks are NOT required in the CLAP studio. I will no longer do a temperature check upon arrival. Your vaccination status is none of anyone's business.  Please do not attend class if you or your little are feeling unwell.  Your attendance in class is your declaration that you and your little ones are feeling well and are not showing any symptoms of contagious illness.

There are some allergies we need to be aware of as well. There are children who attend classes with serious life threatening allergies to all peanut products and lavender. If you’ve had peanut products for breakfast please make sure there’s none left on hands, face or clothes, and please consider leaving all diffuser jewelry at home. Please let me know if you have a life threatening allergy to anything not listed.

Talking in Class:

You are your child’s role model. Please save your talking to other parents for before and after class, NOT during class. It is distracting to the teacher and children.

Class Sizes:

Class sizes are dynamic according to the age, and program. There is a max of 8 summer camp spots per week. WeeCLAP is capped at 8 registrants. Please check with Claire before bringing extra adults.

Bucket Car Seats:

Please try to avoid bringing the portable bucket car seats into the studio. Space is at a premium. If it is unavoidable to leave them in the car, I will need to ask you to store them in the mudroom next to the studio for the duration of the music class.


All mobile (crawling or walking) siblings must be registered and paid for if attending on a weekly OR drop in basis. Sibling discounts are available by using promo code SIBDIS to save 20% on your second enrolment. Babes in arms (in a carrier or car seat and not participating) do not need to be registered. 

OpenCLAP or Drop in Classes:

The cost to attend an OpenCLAP class is $20.00 per child. If you are making up a missed class they are free of charge, and you can get a promo code for them by contacting Claire directly. If you would like to try out an OpenCLAP class for the first time, please use promo code FREETRIAL to attend free of charge. If you would like to drop in on a WeeCLAP class already in session or bring a sibling that is not registered, please contact Claire to find out if there is any availability.

Refund Policy:

ONGOING 6-12 WEEK SESSION: Refund requests are handled on a case by case basis for extenuating circumstances only, and are subject to a $50 administration fee in addition to prorating the refund the classes already passed. Please be aware that refunds cannot be offered for classes  that are postponed due to Covid 19 or any other public health emergency. Your session, should it need to be postponed, will continue where it left off when it is safe to do so. Virtual classes, OpenCLAP classes and CLAP in the Park are not eligible for refunds. Rescheduling may be possible depending on availability.

Arrive Early:

Try to get to class a few minutes early. Give your child (and yourself) time to settle into the environment, as well as attend to diaper/potty needs, etc. Children respond well to ritual, and it is very important for you to be at class in plenty of time to relax and enjoy the Gathering Drum with your child.

Other Studio Notes:

***Please redirect children from standing, jumping or climbing on the Gathering Drums.

***Please redirect children from running in the studio.

***Please avoid bringing food or drink (except water and coffee!?) into the carpeted area of the studio.

*** Please use promo code THANKSFORREADING to save $10 on your next multi – week session.