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You won’t regret it!

My three-year-old has been loving C.L.A.P with Claire classes since he was a baby. I’m so grateful they were recommended to me by a friend. We both have so much fun and have learned great skills that will stay with us. If you are unsure, just give it a try. You won’t regret it!

Janet Powell
London, Ontario

An incredible program.

An incredible program for parents looking for something outside of the typical boring music class for babies. This is just as much fun for parents as the kids, and Claire’s use of real musical terms, instruments, fun music themes and hands on play is second to none. I cannot recommend this program enough for someone that wants that something extra in a small group environment with a very knowledgeable teacher.

Andrea Ferrett
London, Ontario

Fun, creative and child-centered.

CLAP with Claire is an amazing program! Claire is fun, creative and child-centered. We’ve done three classes now with my son- one as an infant, one as a toddler and one now as a preschooler- all wonderful. Highly recommend!
Gillian Hubick
London, Ontario

An amazing, engaging and fun music teacher.

Claire is such an amazing, engaging and fun music teacher. My son just absolutely adores her and coming to music class. We have done three levels so far and highly recommend it to everyone I meet!

Joanna Clark
London, Ontario

My daughter loves Clap with Claire!

My daughter loves Clap with Claire! Claire is creative with her programming and wonderful with the kids.

Crystal Jocz
London, Ontario

Amazing Program!

Amazing program! Highly recommend.

Jennifer Bluhm
London, Ontario

We have LOVED our C.L.A.P. with Claire experience!

We have LOVED our C.L.A.P. with Claire experience! My Claire has loved learning and growing through this fun and very entertaining class. Claire uses amazing music and exposes the babes to all sorts of fun and exciting cognitive lessons through dancing and singing! This isn’t your typical baby music class. The music is great, the energy is high and fun and I have just as much fun as my little one, if not more! Scarves, balls, instruments and so much more! Cannot wait to sign up for the next round!

Andrea Ferret
London, Ontario

Amazing class

Amazing class my daughter had soooo much fun!!!!!!

Jessie Skrypnyk
London, Ontario

We have adored our time with Claire!

We have adored our time with Claire! My son, Andrew loves her classes and Claire as a facilitator. She is comfortable, knowledgeable about child development, and great to parents. She meets kids where they are at, and we so appreciate her and her skills.

Jax Dorothy
London, Ontario

Gave her wings to spread and fly

I started CLAP with Claire classes when my first daughter was 6 months old. She is now 6.5 years old. Little did I know how much it would help her. When we discovered her anxiety disorder, Claire could not have been more supportive in her growth. Not only did her participation in classes help, but Claire’s amazing way with her, and the way in which Claire included her as a helper in her younger sisters’ class, gave her wings to spread and fly. I could not be more grateful to Claire, or her program. I’m not sure she has any idea the impact she has had on both of my children. Years later, we are still singing her songs. You will not find a better music program for young children in London, or the surrounding area.

Tricia McConnell
London, Ontario

Learning music was fun

I started CLAP with Claire with my son when he was 6 months old and I was looking for an activity we would both enjoy. For four years, we registered for every session we were able– a testament to Claire’s brilliant personality, fun classes, and inclusive atmosphere. Learning music was fun, first and foremost. To this day, my son, who is 8, remembers the songs, the themes, and musical terms. CLAP fostered a love of music that I would not have been able to give to him. I feel that attending Claire’s classes as an infant, toddler and young school-age child opened his eyes (and ears!) to the wonder and magic of music. Claire’s robust creative program is just wonderful.

Jessica Schagerl
London, Ontario

My favourite outings with my children

CLAP has been one of my favourite outings with my children! We started CLAP when my son was 18 months and my daughter two weeks. It has been amazing to witness their growth and development while attending CLAP, and simply seeing how much fun they would have! Claire is nothing short of amazing with children and parents alike. She truly understands how to work with children: she is an expert at both redirecting and engaging kids, while helping them step a bit outside their comfort zone! The length of the classes is perfect – long enough that it feels like a fun outing, yet short enough to keep the interest of a toddler. The class is also a great way to meet like-minded parents. I would recommend this class to anyone – it will always be a fond memory of something I did with my children. I look forward to beginning another session this fall! Lastly, Claire is a funny, witty, and compassionate person, and she is a true joy to be around!

Sasha Lee
London, Ontario

Daughter enjoys CLAP with Claire classes immensely

My 15-month-old daughter enjoys CLAP with Claire classes immensely. Already, after three sessions, she has gained a sense of rhythm and an enjoyment of music. CLAP with Claire is also beneficial in the opportunity for little ones to interact with other children. The same basic class structure with the use of repeated songs allows for the child to feel comfortable and predict what comes next, while easing transitions to new activities (e.g. tapping and scratching the drum, peekaboo, scarf art, playing with balls, lullaby). The weekly themes (e.g. 80’s, Swedish Meatballs, France, pyjama time) are fun and we always try to dress accordingly.

Heather SH
London, Ontario

Fantastic class to introduce music, rhythm and dance to babies

C.L.A.P with Claire is a fantastic class to introduce music, rhythm and dance to babies. My daughter Maddy loves this class and Claire is very talented and funny. So much fun!! Wish it was more than once a week!

Lori Mendes
London, Ontario

Amazing Music Program

I have been going to CLAP with Claire since 2008…each of our three children have had the opportunity to experience this amazing music program. We look forward to our session in September 2014!

Lisa Fata-Rahaman
London, Ontario


Loads of fun for babies – and adults:)

Jessica Sontrop
London, Ontario

Clap with Claire is excellent!!

Weeclap Toddler playing with Dums

l think Clap with Claire is excellent!!
Our precious daughter Julia loves it..
so much fun! Thanxs ♥

Katie Organ
London, Ontario

Only music class I take my kids

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C.L.A.P with Claire is the only music class I take my kids to! She is warm, inviting and soooo much fun!

Melissa Godwin
London, Ontario

Amazing classes!

DSC 6371

Amazing classes! Claire is fantastic with the kids and I LOVE the songs – most of them I know and not because they are baby songs which I’m thankful for. Strongly recommend this program!!

Nicole Hennessy
London, Ontario