The indoor session starts November 1, 2021. 

My vaccine passport policy is as follows:

Staff, Volunteers and clients of C.L.A.P. with Claire are not required to divulge their personal medical information to anyone but their own personal health care providers, and at their own discretion.

Please read about the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 here:

Sneeze Guards: Didn’t work, and impeded learning. They will not be a part of future classes.

Masks: I honour mask exemptions for all humans, and children under 12 are NOT required to wear masks in my studio. PLEASE BE AWARE THIS MEANS THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE THERE WILL BE AN ADULT IN THE ROOM WITHOUT A MASK.

Temperature Checks: Will not be done. DO NOT come to class if you are showing any signs of contagious illness.

Class sizes are limited to 5parent/student combos (Therefore 11 people in the room maximum)

** Extra adults are only permitted with prior permission!

All high touch surfaces will be sanitized between classes.
UV light/HEPA filter air purifier running at all times, and windows open if possible.


Thank you for understanding, keep singing and love to you all!